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Badminton Europe is seeking a HP & Development Senior Manager

6/12/2018 3:15 PM Published by : Emma Lollike

Badminton Europe is seeking a Senior Manager for a full-time position to join its head office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Badminton Europe is the Continental Confederation administering the sport of badminton in Europe. There are currently 9 full time employees backing up an elected Board of Directors of 14 Directors and 52 Member Associations. The new employment reflects a restructure in the office and an increased activity level. Information on the organization can be found on

The Senior Manager will be responsible for the overall management of the Development and High Performance areas within Badminton Europe, including oversight of the BEC Centre of Excellence, Development Programmes, Member Structures, Para-Badminton and Women in Badminton.

The work will include some travelling and some flexibility in working hours will be required.

Relevant working areas

  • High performance
  • Sport for All
  • Member structures
  • Para-badminton
  • Women in Badminton
  • Overall areas of responsibility

  • Strategic plan for the relevant working areas
  • Deliver on KPI’s, reporting
  • BWF applications, planning and reporting
  • Responsible for relevant Commissions
  • Agendas, presentations
  • Ensuring relevant Communication around the relevant working areas Management
  • Annual Budgeting, Planning and Reporting for Development and High-Performance Areas
  • Setting and reviewing of Annual Development and High-Performance KPIs
  • Management of staff and developing staff work programmes
  • Conducting annual performance reviews with staff High performance
  • Overall management of COE
  • Budgets, accounts
  • Ensuring appropriate planning and use of resources
  • Communication with local partners around the COE
  • Communication with Federations/players about coming to the COE
  • Communication with BWF and CC’s
  • Setting up structures of cooperation with national training centers
  • Report to Commission and Board Sport for all
  • Overall management of the Sport for All area
  • Shuttle time
  • Coach education
  • Summer School
  • Regional Projects
  • Budgets, accounts
  • Ensuring appropriate planning and use of resources
  • Report to Commission and Board Member Structures
  • Overall management of the Member Structures area
  • BASIS Programme
  • Support for National Pathways and Structures
  • Developing links between MA’s and NOC’s
  • Budgets, accounts
  • Ensuring appropriate planning and use of resources
  • Report to Commission and Board Para-badminton
  • Overall management of the Para-badminton area
  • Participation Programmes
  • Coach Education
  • Player Development
  • Developing links between MA’s and NPC’s
  • Budgets, accounts
  • Ensuring appropriate planning and use of resources
  • Report to Commission and Board Women in Badminton
  • Overall management of the Women in badminton area
  • Women in Badminton Scholarships
  • Budgets, accounts
  • Ensuring appropriate planning and use of resources
  • Report to Commission and Board
  • Qualifications

  • You have experience working with strategies and the relevant implementation
  • You have experience dealing with budgets and accounts
  • You have experience in project planning
  • You have experience managing staff
  • You have a university degree of 3-5 years duration
  • You have experience working with a High-Performance environment
  • You have experience working in the area of Sports Development
  • You have good knowledge of the BWF and BEC Programmes
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English
  • You are familiar with the world of badminton
  • You have initiative and personal drive
  • You can work and deliver within deadlines
  • You are comfortable working with Microsoft Office
  • Remunerations will be 35.000 DKR/month + 14% pension (before tax)

    The successful candidate will have to re-locate to Copenhagen and should have the necessary work permission in the EU to be considered for the job.

    The preferred candidate should fit in well in a young and dynamic environment.

    Interested applicants are invited to send a written application or a video application and a detailed CV by e-mail to;

    Brian Agerbak General Secretary Badminton Europe Brøndbytoften 14, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark Tel: +45 21 68 00 82 E-mail:

    Please mark the application: SENIOR MANAGER

    All applications must reach the above address by Monday 25 June 2018 at 12.00 CEST.

    Interviews are foreseen for Thursday 28 June 2018. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

    The selected candidate is expected to start 1 August 2018.

     Download the full job advert in PDF here:

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